Burden of Medical Expenses

The United States of America is a peculiar exception to the rest of the developed world, in that it is the only developed nation to not have both free and universal government provided healthcare.
According to the World Health Organization, the United States spends more per capita ($9,403 per person) as well as more as a percentage of GDP (17.1%) on healthcare costs than any other nation. Mind you, this isn’t any other developed nation. This is more than any nation.

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Ynpuz is a veteran owned and operated small business. Brothers, Frank and John Nees, are the co-founders of Ynpuz. 15 years of industry experience tells us that the medical is not easy to persist in.

We want to provide people more efficient and less expensive medical product. Lighten patient's financial burden


Our mission is to provide the highest quality Asthmacare and Medical Carrying convenience to our consumers while educating and advocating for their rights to have access to effective, non-toxic products.

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